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We’re Blue Belu Studios – an independent game studio based in Yangon, Myanmar. We develop and publish our own games, with a passion to create quality experiences. Welcome to our worlds!

Our first board game, Bagan Journey, was released on December 2018.
It is available at Yangoods shops and on shop.com.mm

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What is Bagan Journey?
Bagan Journey is our first project, and the first board game about exploring Myanmar. It is a light, fun and educational family game where players collect items and vehicles as they discover the vivid history and culture of Bagan, Myanmar.

Why should I play Bagan Journey?
Bagan Journey is a game that encourages exploration and having fun. It was designed to allow multiple strategies and game mechanics so that there is no one way of winning. Even if players do not win, they will still have fun.
Bagan Journey also educational, offering bite-size facts on Bagan history and Myanmar culture.